Golden Eagle Draughting was born and singularly managed by Carl Oelofse on 01 March 2003 with a passion to grow by means of expertise and continue to develop a passion for Architecture. We strive to improve building designs by space planning and apply the most appropriate energy efficiency applications in homes and other form of building structures that will provide the necessary qualities and satisfy the client’s request.
To transform any building from its existing status into what is required must please its purpose and the client’s desires in order to work hand-in-hand with beauty and art. It is our duty to serve and provide the best architectural design with the acknowledgement of nature incorporated with artificial provisions that will improve the desires of the client. To allow this to be a success it requires intensive listening and understanding of what is required in order for the outcome to meet its expectations.

In 1997 I completed my National certificate in Electrical engineering and in 2002 I completed my Architectural Draughting Diploma. In June 2015 I completed my Project Management Course with UNISA and therefore I am certified to manage any building project as and when needed. I have been involved with Architecture and been the co-founder of Golden Eagle Draughting in 2003. In 2012 I was called into civil engineering by Jeffares and Green Civil Consultants where my architectural experiences paid a beneficial input to some of their projects which ranged from Sewer layouts to local communities and road infrastructure in Rural and Urban areas. I have been involved and appointed by the Civil consultants with sewer pump station designs and managing Low Cost Housing Projects for the duration of its life cycle.
I was also appointed as an assistant project manager to the BP Filling stations which required maintenance repairs on their steel structures. I was appointed as representative for the structural engineer for the duration of the allocated appointment which eventually came to a close. Soon after I my services was contributed at AECOM civil engineers where my skills was needed to assist the civil engineer to draught storm water infrastructure and sewer layouts. My skills also contributed to provision of ducting for various service providers and traffic signals. My service was then also called in at ITD air-conditioning to assist the electrical engineer to draught electrical layouts for the air-conditioning system controls that controls the mechanical ventilation system on their Aspen Pharmacy projects.
These fields play a major role in my architectural designs in buildings of all forms and purposes. It allows me to plan and design my space in the buildings to improve the daily needs and to satisfy the requirements of the SANS 10400XA and SANS 204 that relates to energy efficiency in buildings. Energy efficiency consists of the ability to minimize the usage of electricity and to provide the most appropriate amount of mechanical ventilation by applying the correct calibrations to improve air movement throughout the building.
Designing of internal road infrastructure for the construction of the proposed project in align with sewer and storm water discharge from the property will benefit from my skills which will provide a successful outcome. My skills will be extended into introducing the most appropriate contracts between the contractors and the client by form of project management or a principal agent that will benefit the client’s expected outcome.